Necky Kayaks Vector 14

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Description Traditionally most sit-on-tops are designed to be extremely stable. To do this, designers must add width and make sure the characteristics of the hull react accordingly to ensure a high level of initial stability. The Vector 14 isn't your "traditional" sit-on-top. This kayak was designed to push the performance envelope. While the secondary stability is high, the initial stability allows paddlers to lean, turn, or sit it up on edge with ease. In fact, the design premise of the Vector 14 was to make sure the hull performs very similar to our high end sea kayaks. This unique kayak will take sit-on-top kayaking to a whole new level.
Brand Necky Kayaks
Length 14'1"
Width 25"
Remove Rec Kayaks - Sit-On-Top
Material Plastic - Rotomolded