Chesapeake Light Craft

Chesapeake Light Craft’s mission is to help people build boats. Founded in 1991, CLC has shipped more than 20,000 wooden boat kits to more than 70 countries. Specializing in the amateur boatbuilder, CLC offers a huge variety of kayaks, canoes, and smallcraft that are easy to build, plus all of the materials and hardware unique to boatbuilding projects. Educational programs are a large and growing facet of CLC’s expertise in the amateur boatbuilding field, with 900 boats launched and more than a thousand students introduced to boatbuilding through one-week classes led by professional boatbuilders. CLC maintains a range of more than 70 boat kits, and also manufactures boat kits for other companies, including WoodenBoat Magazine, the WoodenBoat School, Guillemot Kayaks, and Shearwater Boats.