2015 Canoe & Kayak Buyer's Guide


If it floats and you push it with a single-bladed paddle: Tandem and solo canoes of every description, from expedition-ready tripping canoes to family friendly craft and whitewater canoes.

Folding Boats

If it has a skin, a frame and an instruction booklet: Kayaks, canoes and other water-worthy craft that can be disassembled for storage or transport.

Rafts and Inflatables

If it holds air, floats and you can’t find it in the pool-toy aisle: Inflatable river and ocean craft of all kinds, including paddle rafts, oar-rigs, catarafts, duckies, inflatable kayaks and canoes.


If it floats and you propel it with a double-bladed paddle: Hardshell kayaks of all types, including sea kayaks, whitewater boats, surfskis, and sit-on-top kayaks for recreation and fishing.

Stand Up Paddleboards

If you stand on it and paddle: SUPs of all types, from wave-shredding performance boards to sleek racers and all-around performers for flat water, surf and river rapids.

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